Senior Class College Acceptances

See which US colleges have accepted Bow High graduates in recent years.

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Principal Mr. John House-Myers

Leadership of the school is provided by its Principal of seven years, Mr. House-Myers.

Ms. Colleen DesRuisseaux, Director of Guidance

Ms. DesRuisseaux provides students with support in and out of school time.

Ms. Leslie Bean, School Nurse

Looking after the health of students during school time.

Travel & Holidays

Parents are welcome to visit their child while studying in the United States. The International Office can advise on any documentation required.

International students are encouraged to travel within the United States in holiday time:

-     with their host families
-     with school-organised groups; and
-     on trips and activities organised by their agents or by
       approved student travel companies in the school holidays
-     with their parents

We do not recommend a return to the home country in the short holiday breaks.

International students are not permitted to leave school before the end of semester to travel home and must ensure they are back in the US in time for the start of the new semester. All holiday/travel arrangements must be approved by the International Administrator. All Code regulations must be met. Forms are available from the International Office.

Homestay payment will be $12 per night while students are absent for more than 5 days, as long as two weeks notice has been given.

International students are not allowed to travel independently while they are studying at Bow High School. This is a condition of enrolment.

Upon arrival at Bostons, Logan International Airport, students will be met by one of our staff and taken to their homestay family. When students depart from Logan International Airport they will need to make their own travel arrangements with their homestay family or via a taxi (at their own cost).

International students are not allowed to drive a car whilst at Bow High School. If students are caught driving, they will be sent back to their home country immediately. Travel and medical insurance does not cover international students driving.

Permission for holiday travel must be given by parents, although the International Administrator or Director of International will make the final decision, and all Code of Practice requirements must be met.

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